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Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemail messages, including caller information in your inbox. Voicemail-to-email saves you time in dialing to get your voicemail messages. Just open your email and listen.

Free Local Numbers

Choose any phone number your business needs in any area code. No matter where your office is, handle inbound and outbound calls with confidence. It's super simple to manage your company's phone lines with a cloud PBX.

Free Toll-Free Numbers

Earn the trust of leads and customers with a toll-free phone number. Easily route inbound calls to your team or forward them to your phone. Plus, add an auto attendant to fast-track callers to the right department.


For larger VoIP call centers, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) may improve caller experience. Based on specific words or phrases callers say, an IVR routes calls to the correct department.

Call Queuing

Enable callers to wait on hold for the next available agent. Call Queues minimize rejected calls and deliver a great customer experience. With a cloud PBX, you won't need any specialized hardware to provide call queuing.

Auto Attendant

If you've ever heard, "Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support," then you've used an auto attendant. Using a cloud PBX, set up your auto attendant in seconds, not days. Your team will appreciate speaking to the right callers every time.

Call Recording

With your cloud-based, virtual PBX, silently record all calls with no hardware. Call recording is an excellent way to fact-check customers or to provide coaching opportunities for your staff. All call recordings are securely stored, so only authorized personnel can access them.

Advanced Call Management

Give your office the ability to block, route, and transfer calls intelligently. Every business can leverage advanced PBX features to provide the perfect customer experience beyond voicemail.

Advanced Call Routing

Handle incoming calls by directing them to the correct department or team automatically. Advanced call routing criteria can include the calling number, called number, or business hours.